All of Lipstickology’s lipstick and lip gloss bases contain Vitamin E and Sunscreen.

Lipstick Bases

  • Creme Base: Contains all natural plant waxes (carnauba & candelilla) that creates a creamy, moist lipstick, sheer or full bodies and extremely moisturizing!
  • Long Last Matte Base: Contains all natural plant waxes (carnauba & candelilla, paraffin) that creates a long-lasting matte lipstick.  Paraffin wax gives it a matte finish by locking in moisture.
  • Liquid Matte: long-wearing, creamy, matte liquid formula to feel plush but lightweight and the no tack texture is extremely comfortable to wear.  Our formula glides on smoothly, dries down slowly to  insure a beautiful application.  It has added moisture which prevents cracking!!
  • Butter Base: Contains all natural plant waxes (carnauba & candelilla) plus jojoba oil that creates a sheer, glossy lipstick.  Jojoba oil gives the lipstick a high shine and very moisturizing.
  • Organic Base: Contains all natural plant waxes (carnauba & candelilla) plus shea butter and organic oils.  This base creates a creamy, moist lipstick that can be sheer or full-bodied

Lip Gloss Bases

  • Lip Gloss Base: Contains all natural plant waxes (carnauba & candelilla) plus shea butter and aloe extract.  This base makes a traditional heavier gloss for a pot or wand.  It has a great shine, moisturizes and can be sheer or full pigmented to wear more like a lipstick
  • Lip Polish Base: Contains a smooth blend of microcrystalline wax, jojoba oil, Vitamin E and prickly pear extract which conditions and restores the epidermis.  Van create a sheer or full pigmented high shine gloss without the stickiness.  It’s extremely water resistant!
  • Lip Glacé Base: Contains a rich blend of natural nut oils (macadamia) and creates a SHEER “patent leather” finish with HIGH shine!

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