About Our Team

Meet Dr. Sandra French

Founder of Lipstickology


Hi! I’m Dr. Sandra French, but you can call me Sandy.

I’m a professional color consultant, fellow lipstick lover and founder of Lipstickology. As a woman passionate about makeup, I often found myself in the cosmetic aisle, testing lipsticks and lip glosses in search to find the perfect shade. As hard as I tried, I couldn’t do it.

Something was always off, whether it was the color, flavor, staying power or consistency of the formula. After years of buying countless numbers of lip products, I realized that what’s out there isn’t working for the majority of us. As a Harvard trained physician with a background in chemistry, I started creating my own lipsticks, glosses and balms from my kitchen.

More Than 100 Different Lipstick Recipes Later…

I finally found the perfect formulas and decided to leave my kitchen counter and bring bespoke lipstick services to a modern, fun and relaxing environment for all to create their beauty. My vision involved creating a space where other women could cultivate their beauty and confidence, starting with custom lipsticks.

Every woman is unique from their skin tone and hair color to their eye color and personality. Your cosmetics should be as unique as you are. That’s why in 2019, I started Lipstickology with one goal in mind: to help you blend the perfect lipstick through an experience you’ll never forget.

Passionate About Seeing Your Smile

An amazing experience makes you smile, and custom lipstick brightens it.

Everything I do as a lipstickologist and creator centers around your smile. From mixing custom lipsticks only you own to offering the one-on-one VIP experience you deserve, I’m passionate about helping your confidence shine through.

I’m so excited to see what you create. So excited in fact, that I’ll need to make another one of your creations to try for myself!

Meet Tia Hoffmann



I’m so excited to introduce you to Tia Hoffmann.  She is Lipstickology’s newest addition to our growing team.  She joined us in Dec 2019 and has been an extraordinary lipstickologist.   You will love her warm smile and welcoming personality!!

 She is currently accepting appointments starting May 26th.

Here are some fun facts about Tia:

  1. Her favorite lip color is pink mauve
  2. Her daughter makes her smile
  3. Her favorite healthy snack is berries
  4. Her favorite unhealthy snack is potato chips
  5. Tia likes to unwind with wine
  6. Her exercise style is yoga, weights and dance
  7. Her favorite season s fall/football
  8. Her favorite TV show is Walking Dead
  9. Her favorite spa service is a pedicure
  10. Her favorite vacation spot is Hawaii

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If you’re tired of buying lip product after lip product, it’s time to create your beauty. Ready to book your own VIP lipstick or lip gloss creation experience? Reach out to us today by sending us a message.


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