Ready to Wear

Ready-to-Wear Lip Products

Available to purchase directly from the studio.

All gift certificates can be redeemed for Ready-to-Wear lip products of lesser or equal value.  For example, the creation of one lipstick/lip gloss can be redeemed for 2 Ready-to-Wear lip products and two lipsticks/lip glosses can be redeemed for 3 Ready-to-Wear lip products.  Choose from any combination of the products shown on this page.


24/7 Lip Treatment

Natural peptides Maxi-lip and Dermaxyl plump and hydrate lips by stimulating collagen production.

$25 plus sales tax


Lip Fix

Loaded with collagen tripeptides to diminish fine lines and repair lip texture. This nude silky lip primer is perfect foundation for your lips.

$25 plus sales tax


Lip Gloss

High shine color pampers lips  with Green Tea extract and Vitamin E.

$25 plus sales tax




Select from 3 flattering colors

$25 plus sales tax


SIX Creme & Matte Lipsticks

Colors from left to right:

Fireworks, Schmooze, Good Vibrations, La Dolce Vita, Matte Retro Red & Matte Vixen

$25 plus sales tax

Unique Lipstick-of-the-Month Subscriptions

We create a unique lipstick in-house each month and allow you to have one for yourself through our Lipstick-of-the-Month subscription. Our subscriptions are perfect as a gift or for yourself and feature shades built by our professional lipstickologists. Whether you want the hottest trends of the season or looking to try something new, Lipstickology will offer select pre-made lipsticks.  Lipstick subscriptions will start January 2020.

6-month subscription: $210

12-month subscription: $420

Book Your Lipstick Creation Appointment Today

Your custom lipstick or gloss is only a phone call or message away. To learn more about our services, to purchase a subscription or to schedule your own creation session, call us at 414-213-8597 or send us a message.


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